About the Project

LaFortune Park has had a 60% growth in the number of tennis players since the opening of the Case Tennis Center in 2015. So, it’s no surprise that we’re running out of room.  We must meet the demand for the tennis players of Northeast Oklahoma by adding 3 indoor and 3 outdoor tennis courts at a cost of $3.5 million.


We’re at maximum capacity, and unable to grow any further without building more courts. Having 6 indoor and 24 outdoor courts would increase the capacity to maintain current programs, and would allow LaFortune Park to significantly contribute to the Tulsa metro economy by hosting the largest junior/adult tennis tournaments and events in the Oklahoma District and Missouri Valley section.

The facility is busy no matter the time of day, season or weather. Instead of turning people away, we have to expand to accommodate the influx of existing and new players. Since LaFortune Park Tennis Center is the only organized public tennis facility in Tulsa County, it has attracted new players that would otherwise not have an opportunity to play.

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Once again, a group of volunteers are gathered to lead the fundraising efforts for the final expansion of the Case Tennis Center at LaFortune Park to 24 outdoor courts and 6 indoor courts. As this is a public facility, there are no membership fees, no requirements beyond checking in at the front desk for a court. We invite you to join with local business leaders, charitable foundations and individuals with your generous donation as we work to make this possible. If you have not visited the facility, we would be delighted to give you a tour of Oklahoma’s best public tennis facility.

Indoor Courts:
Membrane structured building, post-tension courts, HVAC, and restrooms

Outdoor Courts:
Post-tension courts, fencing, lighting

To include, but not limited to ADA accessible ramps, landscaping, benches, bleachers, tables, signage, security cameras, communications, nets, divider curtains, coolers, electronics, etc.

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